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5 Apps You Need To Breathe a Fresh Air – Interesting

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We all know that mobile app is an ongoing technology trend in the market. Businesses pertained to IT, Real Estate, Hospitality, and Entertainment are frequently releasing mobile apps. They do it after being developed it by the best application development company as per their requirement. Today we are telling you about top 5 Apps which is developed on Android platform to help you breathe a fresh air.

As air pollution is causing many health issues in India, to breathe a fresh air and to prevent toxic air, we have to take certain measures. In this case, below top 5 apps would be pretty useful.

1. Happy Lungs – It holds a simple user interface, is especially designed and developed for all age group people, they can make use of it. Before stepping out, you can come to know real time data of pollutants, and air quality you may consume in the area if you won’t wear mask. Happy Lungs can let you prevent yourself from breathing toxic air and make your day happy and healthy.

2. Airveda – The app can provide you a specific data result that can help to track different air quality station of different countries, which helps to understand the quality of air in your city. It includes a special feature that can let you know and manage the quality of air you are breathing, which shows the results by connecting it directly to airved a monitor.

3. Air Quality India – This application can give you a completely monitored real-time air quality data from across India. The data which have been monitored shows you the real time air quality, and the quality is measured as per the guidelines of standard norms approved by the Central Pollution Control Board of India (CPCB).

4. Air Mentor – The app can provide you information of the quality of the air which has been monitored in the indoor area. The app detects gas pollution and dust. The app is adhered to the indoor air quality guideline by the World Health Organization (WHO).

5. The Plume Air Report – This app is not only useful to track the real time air quality and its pollution level within the city, but also shows you the next hour air pollution by predicting it. Now you can set a plan for the day out by using the app.

Conclusion: As a human being, breathing a fresh air helps us keep our health healthy. But, air pollution makes us breathe a bad air, and causes lung and other related diseases. By using this app, we can be able to predict air pollution, but to prevent air pollution, we have to take some measures like planting a tree, and avoiding use of unnecessary vehicles, etc.

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3 App Success Stories that Succeeded through Social Media Marketing

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Now a days, online marketing is playing a virtual role in business promotion.It helps both startups and enterprises providing them different advertising platforms like SEO, SEM, E-mail marketing, and SMM, etc. Out of these marketing strategies, SMM (Social Media Marketing) is the best one used for App marketing.

How SMM Works?

SMM or SMO is one of the viral online marketing techniques. By using social media, you can promote your app, increase traffic, create awareness about your product or services, etc.

I state it as a powerful business marketing platform. Because, social media creates a great platform to common people, where they can have connections with a large number of people, they can share their thoughts in the form of text, images, videos and many things. Due to its tremendous features it brings people into it. So, we can say that SMM is the best marketing platform and it can be used for App Marketing.

Want to know about Apps which achieved a great success by leveraging SMM?

With an intention of making you aware of app success stories achieved through social media, I am here introducing 3 top-notch apps:

1. Lyft – With the app name itself, we can easily guess what the app is related to. Lyft is a taxi app. With the app, you can get your ride on time as well as with the comfort, all you have to do is to use the Lyft app for taxi booking. To make the app familiar, they used SMM strategy effectively.

For utilizing the social media marketing, first they created an information-filled account in different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In Facebook they created a page, where they could provide an opportunity to the customers to share their reviews about Lyft, whether that was positive or negative impressions. On social media outlets they used to update regularly with some colorful photos, some offers, few memorable incidents, and holiday greetings, etc.

2. Run Keeper – This app is related to health and fitness industry. Health is very important for everyone to live, so to be healthy, people follow yoga, exercises, and jogging, etc. In this many prefer running to keep their body fit and strong. By targeting these people the app that was developed by the best mobile app development company achieved success.

Run keeper app helps users track their running records like how many miles they run, it judge approximate speed per second run by the user, etc. When the app was launched, nobody cared, because it was not quite enough to reach the users, so to make the app reach targeted people, they used SMM marketing strategy. To create a public awareness about the app and its use, they chose content marketing and executed through social media outlets.

3. Taco Bell – It is a food ordering app, really it is a nice concept and was perfectly executed. One thing they forgot that caused almost app failure, later they came back pretty well. Initially they failed in app marketing strategy, it led them to failure.

During that bad time, they took a right decision, they decided to market their app by using social media marketing. The way they utilized the SMM was quite different, simple and quite enough to reach the targeted users. Through social media outlets, they posted whatever they felt will be great like message, and videos, etc. They always tagged the communities, that brought great popularity for them. Easily the app reached many users.

Finally, I hope the above information will be helpful to you achieve app using social media marketing strategy.

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Key Barriers in Android App Development

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As we all know, there is a huge demand for mobile app development in the mobile universe, especially for the Android platform. So as a result, day by day mobile app development companies are receiving an increased demand for Android app development, so to hold their trust, android app developers should work on it and they should make sure that they are delivering a killer app for their customers. It helps the company reputation and standard.

Achieving a big success in the competitive app market is a tough task, so all the android app developers should focus on improving their app development skills. So let us explain you that what are the key challenges being faced by an Android application development companies while delivering an innovative app.

Software Fragmentation

It is a common challenge faced by all app developers on all the platforms, but we can say that in Android, the impact of the challenge is higher compared to other platforms. Because in Android a lot of devices are needed to be considered while developing the app. And the devices are running on different OS versions, so developing an app which works on all the versions is hard for the developers. So almost all the app developers are trying to focus on the latest versions only, due to these clients are losing their prospective customers who are using the older versions.

Mobile Device Resolution

One more challenge, especially faced by Android developers is developing an app which works perfectly on different Android devices. Each Android device has its own features in terms of display size and screen resolutions. So, according to their resolution, developing an app is hard for the developers. Developing an app which works fine on all the available android devices makes it financially heavier and painful in terms of cost.

Security Issues

In Android, security is a major issue. Making an Android app extremely secure is not an easy task. There are plenty of Android devices in the market running on different OS versions, so dealing with all these devices is pretty hard for the developers. As a result, many of the Android apps face security issues.

Patent Issues

Recently Android software developers and hardware manufacturers have faced the violation of patent issues. The reason that made it offensive is while developing they implement some innovative features which is already utilized in some other apps, without knowing that they implement that in their app.


Well discussing with the client is the best way that all the Android app developers can use to avoid all the above challenges. Discuss with your clients, in that discussion try to clarify all your doubts.

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Plan to develop an Android app, but to execute it successfully, you have to hire an expert Android app development company.

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