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Tips for Mobile App Startups

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The ever-evolving mobile apps development trends have encouraged more and more developers to come up with new solutions. And this is great because each and every app contributes, in some or the other way, to making our lives easier. Some of the greatest challenges that the computer OS platforms such as Windows, iOS etc., have been struggling to tackle, have much easily been solved on a much smaller mobile platform.

However, the failure rate of mobile app startups is also quite high and of concern. According to a report, 9 out of 10 startups fail to make an impact and are wasted before they could generating income. And if this makes you paranoid about yours, your response is quite normal. But then to avoid something similar from happening in your case as well, you need to make sure you follow these tips before finally launching your mobile app in the market.

Generate the Need

Would you ever buy a thing that you don’t need? Probably not, unless you are a shopaholic, and neither would people do. While some entrepreurs are fortunate enough to figure out areas where people have already been asking for it, others can’t seem to find a reason why people would need their product. But this is not a dead-end, because sometimes you have to generate the need. You have to check out the features and functions of your app, and figure out a strategy to present how well your app helps or makes existing methods more convenient. There are going to be cases when people won’t even know they have a need, and in such conditions, you have to point out the pain area and show them how your app is capable of curing it.

Test a Lot

It is quite a blunder when you roll out an amazing app with a bug, as it ruins the entire experience. Big companies like Google, Microsoft, make sure their apps are bug-free and highly functional, and even outsource developers and test specialist for the purpose. It was recently in the news that Google is ready to give away a reward of $1000 to anyone who can find bug in their android apps. Similar, many mobile apps development companies have open-source Android apps developers for testing their app. If you can afford a team of test specialists, well and good. But if you can’t, you can go for open-source testing frameworks available, such as Selenium, Robotium, Windmill, Katalan Studio, Watir, and many more to choose from.

Target your Audience

Before creating an app, defining your market is the most important thing you need to do. On the basis of demographics, you can target customers belonging to a specific group or culture. And if you are building an app exclusively for them, you have to consider certain points that they can relate to. If you are building an app with a purpose to cater to an entire region, you will have to take care of how your solution tackles a problem that is affecting the entire region. For example – By creating an app for doorstep potable water delivery in Dubai, you are solving a problem that belongs to that region and not exclusively to a group or a specific type of customers. Other than geographical and demographical targets, you can also target a segment of market that encompasses the user preferences and habits globally. For instance, an app that exclusively streams Jazz music, could be a good way to grab a segment of authentic music lovers. Remember, a great portion of the success of your mobile app startup depends upon the market you target.


While creating a great app that fulfils a need, and targeting the right market is important; intensive as well as extensive marketing that follows should also be well taken care of. There are multiple channels and platforms where you can promote your mobile app, such as blogs, social media, website, and more. And all four platforms shall be taken very seriously if you, as a iPhone application developers, want your mobile app to get noticed. While website marketing campaigns include SEO techniques such as keyword optimization, image optimization, blog integration, and more; social media marketing, which is as significant as website marketing, include timely posts, page activity, and regular updates on relevant information.

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3 Mobile Marketing Metrics that are Key for Startups to Achieve App Success

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Wrong data would result in bad impact. No measuring of data would push your app into stagnancy. Measuring the right data in the wrong way would hamper your efforts of stabilizing your app. So there should be right mobile marketing metrics that can track your app success. In fact, having right mobile marketing metrics is key for all app marketers and mobile app development companies Bangalore, India, and across the worlds to build better apps and better engage customers.

Before starting to know app metrics, let’s go into financial metrics that all startups should have a great understanding of:

Key financial metrics are:

• Breakeven analysis
• Breakeven point
• Cash balance
• Fixed vs. variable costs
• Burn rate
• Cash flow
• Cash flow forecasting
• Profit

Let’s now look into mobile app metrics:

1. Lifetime Value of Customer (LVC) and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
You should have a clear strategy for both LVC and ARPU. When it comes to mobile app, LVC defines how much a user is worth to your company in his/her lifetime usage.

Early-age startups face difficulty to estimate LVC. One easy way to estimate it is studying similar companies in your industry.

On the other hand, ARPU is defined as the total revenue divided by the number of users.

Ultimately, both LVC and ARPU are key to measure the profit your business would get.

2. User Retention

Apple App Store and Google Play Store together have more than 5 million apps. But around 85% of users use only 4 to 5 apps on a regular basis. On the other hand, 8 out of 10 users never use the app again 48 hours after installing the app. So it is extremely essential for iOS and Android app development India, USA and nook and corner of the world to build their apps in a way that that retain users’ interest.

Most people use only few apps that could be WhatsApp, Facebook, and few others. User retention is really a challenge for most app-centric businesses.

The objective of any customer retention effort is to retain users and along with them, making them use the app or purchase products regularly.

People would download your app by being attracted to your marketing tactics. But the real challenge is making them regular users. This is where push notifications, and app updates come into help.

3. CPI and CPLU

CPI means Cost Per Acquisition, whereas CPLU means Cost Per Loyal User.
In definition, CPI is an amount of money your company invests to acquire one user who installs your app. CPI can be derived from a variety of factors. For example, in order to acquire users, you may go for Facebook advertising, app store advertising and many other prevalent marketing channels.
CPI is calculated in the following way:

Total expenditure on ads ÷ total installs = cost per install

Example: $3,000 (ads) ÷ 1000 (installs) = $3 CPI

CPLU is defined as the amount of money you spend to build and retain a loyal user.

A report by the mobile marketing technology company Fiksu DSP can give you the better overview of CPLU and CPI. Here is a glimpse of the report:
The average global CPLU for mobile apps is $2.51 (April 2016), the average global CPI for Android is $2.42 (January 2016) and the average global CPI for iOS is $1.88 (January 2016).


The number of apps is growing at a rapid rate in the app stores, so competition is really juggernaut. But your app’s success doesn’t merely depend on marketing. A successful app is a combination of solid app development and effective marketing. Instability of one side can completely damage the whole app. Make sure you collaborate with an expert mobile app development company in India, or in your preferred region and get your app developed.

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How Productivity Apps Help Run Business Efficiently?

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Today the every small and large scale businesses’ key focus is to expand their market share using advanced technologies. But some startups are still struggling to get established without a proper idea about the market, while some are wasting capital on just promoting and advertising their product and services through traditional marketing channels. In the current situation, companies require to achieve a strong productivity to raise above the competition. So today all startup companies are giving an extreme importance to use productivity apps that are developed by top mobile apps development company India.

Why productivity apps?

Productivity apps are playing a very important role in today’s startups’ success. Productivity apps help manage all works, including client projects in a proper way. Mobile app technology helps teams easily manage works in their convenience. Today every growing company is hiring android and iPhone app development companies Delhi, Hyderabad, India, or company in their preferred region to enjoy the following benefits from productivity apps.

1. Monitor staff & teams in easy way:

Apart from helping improve the productivity and quality standards, apps also help manage operations. Employees can monitor their project without any inconvenience.

2. Management work & project

To improve the quality of the entire company task, the productivity app development is the best way. There are many companies who are already in the process of app development with the innovative ideas and with the help of top mobile apps development Company Bangalore to monitor the complete work process of multiple projects. Productivity apps help team complete work efficiently, achieving expected results. Apps also help have a proper communication between teams.

3. Flexibility

Productivity apps help employees work with a full flexibility on time. App helps save time, manage data and information securely.

4. Determine & resolve issues

When your business requires to run efficiently, you need to find all issues in the auditing, planning and work management. The main benefits of productivity apps is to analyze the company workflow and calculate them efficiently.

If you are looking to develop a productivity app, let me provide some tips on it. For your information, mobile apps developers Delhi NCR are well-known for productivity app development.

Find the below key features that any productivity app require essentially:

• Offline access
• To share photo, video, PDF, and attachments in big size file
• Option to manage and analyze reports of the projects
• Tasks & projects’ personalized list option
• Option to communicate with team members,
• Option to create groups, and comment feature
• Option to enter project deadline dates, and remainders
• Get alerts about the uncompleted projects
• Currency converter
• Advanced calculator with easy access
• Synchronization with other apps on the device

Apart from app development, there is also a great demand for IoT apps development, artificial intelligence, machine learning applications, automation development and big data analysis companies.

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How Customized Sports Apps Helps Users?

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Sports events are held globally as a symbol of unity, willingness, enthusiasm and to build good relationship between people. There is a number of countries participating in the sports activities and several games are organized at national and international levels. Sports lovers are always keen to support their favorite sportsman and team because they always want their favorite sportsman to be a winner.

Day by day the sports industries are widening their reach and popularity, especially it is much more in India, and this is why the sports apps like live commentary, and live streaming are being increasingly developed by top mobile apps development companies Hyderabad, India. In fact, the sports industry is getting huge profit through mobile apps, with innovative ideas, being supported by sponsors.

Sports apps are widely used by fans, a group of sports clubs, and the team management, etc. The apps are developed to help sports lovers get easy access to live sports actions. Let’s see what are the top-notch benefits of sports apps:

• Most of the sports apps are incorporated with advanced technology features to deliver the complete information about the game like number players in the team, date and time of the game, updates on the upcoming leagues, latest news, team coaches, records, and many more.

• Apps help sportsman to connect with their fans to share the thoughts, wishes, so sports lovers can quickly know the latest news, and about upcoming championships of the player.

• Sports apps are very crucial in many ways for the captain, and coach, who can easily organize their team with the help of advanced features of an app and this is the reason many sports clubs are hiring the best mobile app development companies in India to develop their apps. Today Augmented Reality and Wearable apps are well helping to have a deep understanding of the fixtures.

• Sports lovers like to watch live matches through apps and also viewers can get match highlights and players information any team of any countries.

• There is a large number of sport clubs and members, who can make use of apps to connect with audience.

There have many successful tournaments, leagues, matches, and championships been managed using a mobile app technology, and also many famous sports channels are developing high performance app with the help top iPhone and android app development company India, for sports lovers.

Sports app development companies need to have a clear picture of the game to develop an app that can retain its target audience.

These are the essential features that any sports app must have:

• Complete information about the game
• Latest news of the game
• Live video streaming of matches
• Option for watching offline
• Option for adding comments and share pictures
• Facility to follow and connect with the favorite teams and players
• Weather report of the place where the match is held
• Push notifications about match results

In fact, sports apps are a great step taken by the sports industries to take games to the next level to better engage customers.

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What are the Top Digital Marketing Channels?

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Before adopting digital marketing, you should have a sound understanding of different channels in digital marketing and for that, you need an effective marketing strategy. Marketing on the best channels that well fit your business will help you reach your marketing goals. Today, everything is going digital because of the evolution of technology, especially smartphone, wearable technology, and IoT etc.

Today almost every business started to acquire customers online, including top Mobile app development company in India, cloud computing companies, and travel companies, etc.

If you are looking to market on digital channels, below is given a list of top Digital Marketing channels.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing which brings visitors or customers through affiliated websites (external websites). The ads are placed on the external website by the website owner. Generally, choosing affiliate marketing is good for e-commerce businesses.

There are three ways you can make money with affiliate marketing: Pay Per Click, Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead. You are responsible only for expenses of clicks when it leads to your website or when the product is purchased on your website.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising is a design-oriented ad or text ad, which can be displayed between the website contents and messaging apps. The ads can be in the format of video, audio, animation, image and text. The best way to earn profit from display ad is your ads must be matched with the website content. In display ads, you can even target the customers’ behavior, demographics, or geographic location. You can track customers’ activities like how many people viewed your ads, how many people came to your website through the ad, their activity track once landing on the website, and conversion ratio.

Display ads doesn’t not only help you promote your products and services but also help your business achieve a strong presence online and increase, as well as increase your brand value. In India, display ads are mainly used by top best mobile app design and developers Bangalore, India.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing means targeting customers through email with your products and services. E-mail marketing is the best way to get new customers for business and it helps maintain good relationship with the existing customers too. E-mail Marketing is an effective marketing channel for businesses. But, not every customer reads your email because of the jam packed inbox or they may not show patience to read your email. And if you keep on sending multiple emails for the same person, they may ad you to spam list. In order to be fruitful, your emails should have a catchy subject line and the body content should be in bullet points, with a quick explanation about your products and services.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing includes marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, forums, and content communities like Quora, Flickr and YouTube. All these social media channels allow to communicate and build relationships with customers. Social Media helps users share their opinions and engage with others in real time. To connect with more customers and make your marketing effort viral, social media is the best way.

In social media, engaging with customers is important. You need to answer to the question about your product and service, which might be positive or negative, you need to respond to customers’ queries more quickly.

I hope all the above digital marketing channels will help your business reach its goals. If you start without a plan, then sure you can’t reach your marketing goals. And also do proper competitive research.

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6 Best Marketing Resources for Dealers

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Challenges are mounting up for dealers day by day. When the competition is narrowed, marketing becomes more complex for dealers. Here are some top marketing platforms for dealers:

Best Marketing Platforms for Dealers

1. Facebook: Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world, which had 1.94 billion users by March, 2017. It has become the number 1 marketing platform for B2C businesses. It helps you reach the targeted audience for your products on location basis.

If you have a branch in a different location, you can target them more specifically. You can run campaigns based on customer age, gender, and on more specific criteria. Facebook marketing is adopted by all sorts of companies, including top mobile apps development companies.

2. Paid Search: When people required some services or products, they first go online search. When they search, if you are on the top, surely they will send enquiry.

3. Marketing Automation: Marketing automation is the new form of marketing today. If you want to nurture your prospects, build loyalty, support your aftermarket sales and service, marketing automation works splendidly for you. Marketing automation allows you to personalize your marketing efforts.

4. Craigslist: It’s very simple platform for marketing, which requires only your location, product category or contact details. It could bring you mass customers.

5. Remarketing: Remarketing is very helpful marketing technique. When you do marketing again and again, people will definitely choose you. They will surely get back to you when they require you. It raises brand awareness well.

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Top 10 Features that Make Your App Truly Successful

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Do you have plan to increase your business revenue with the mobile app? Are you sure your app strategy will help you out? If it’s not,then you need a true help. Let me help you for some extent. Before choosing between top 10 mobile apps development companies of your preference, you should have a clear idea app features you want to include. Let me help you on this.

10 features that make your app incredible

Simple design: Developing a mobile app with simple and attractive UI and UX design is crucial for attracting and engaging users. The app should not encourage users to switch to another app. A simple and attractive design please them to use the app again and again. So think about the new design trend that is user friendly and make your app popular among users.

Performance of app: App should perform well, which means the loading speed of the app should be quick. The performance is vital because users always prefer apps that is super responsive.This may bring you more customers and help to hold existing customers as well.To make sure that, your app should be tested rigorously.

Analytics: This feature allows to analyze users’ all activities and help to build better marketing strategies.

Platform specific features: There are many platforms to develop a mobile app, such as Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. But Android app development and iOS apps development are most preferred. In India, Android users are more compared to iOS, so many entrepreneurs are targeting first Android apps with the help of best Android app developer Ahmedabad and Bangalore.So if you need a quality Android app, you need to hire best Android app developers to identify platform specific features.This is the same case in iOS.

App Security: This is very very crucial for your mobile app.There is a chance of hacking your app information easily, so you need to craft a proper code avoid information leakage.

Personalization: Personalization features are loved by users.This can be crafted with flexible settings, font and color changes and it will help to increase app experience and subsequently app usage.

Search Option: You should provide search menu, where customers can search products of their interest.

Social media integration: You should allow customers to share the products which they like more on social media.When you announce new offers and discounts, this works well.You may see a huge user inflow.
Feedback and contact forms: This feature helps you get suggestions, ratings or reviews on your product or service from customers, which lets you increase the quality of your services and products. You should gather feedbacks and reply to customers every time they give feedback or post reviews.

App updates: The app should be updated regularly upon customers’feedback and market trend. Your effort doesn’t end once users download your app, rather you need to update the app frequently and set strategies to acquire more visitors.

Hope above information will help you make your app successful in the market.

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What Kind of Jobs Robots will Replace First?

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Researchers at the University of Oxford have predicted that the jobs in developing countries up to 47 percent could be automated in the coming two decades, mostly replaced by robots. But which of the professional jobs will be taken first by robots?

We can define robots as machine learning algorithms running on purpose-built platforms and they are trained to perform tasks that humans usually do. Let’s see how this technology could take the jobs and what jobs would be the first?


According to UNDESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs) report, the present population of the world 7.5 billion is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.8 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100. Doctors’ job would be one of the guaranteed jobs that robots will take away. There are many talented doctors, but still not sufficient enough to serve people and the good news is robots are capable enough to perform as a doctor. Robot treatments are currently in practice in US to spot early-stage skin cancers. Even some mobile app development companies in India are very enthusiastic to dig deeper in this area.

Commodity Salespeople (Ad Sales, Supplies, etc.)

Robots can even replace sales people and ensure higher productivity. For sales people: if you don’t put your special skills on sales, you could lose your job as machines are very much responsive and 24*7, so fight for your best.

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Data processing was a job creator instead of what it was mistaken as job destroyer. But today machine learning–based accountants and bookkeepers are far better than their human counterparts. If your company hire such kind of machine employees, you can yield better results, but it will replace human employees. Today top mobile apps development companies Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Delhi India and other technology companies are much interested to go behind it. Robo-accounting is still in developing stage only and its performance in dealing with auditing, accounts payable and receivable, inventory control, and other accounting areas are breathtaking. There might be a big shake-up in auditing field because of this technology.
Middle Management

If your job is copying data from one excel column to another, robots could replace you. How special you may be in matrix, it will acquire your job, be ready to face it.

Report Writers, Journalists, Authors & Announcers

I agree, writing is hard, but not report writing. Machine can read data, pattern match images or video and understand any sort of research material, so it can easily create research report. Today text-to-speech facility are common conveniences we are getting, but robots can take the responsibility.

Are you thinking that robot will hurt you? This technology may be good or bad for adapting, but there is nothing to get upset. But we have to accept new technology and profitability at the end. Man and machine partners may not save every job, but it is a clear way to taking the tech world to the next level.

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How to get online media attention for your business?

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Choosing the right media can bring a huge boost to your business. Getting media attention online increases your business customers and sales, when you have done in systematically, it reduces your spending. Today smartphone users are heavily engaged with online media.

There are many social media apps available that are developed by top mobile application development companies Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Bangalore, India. Mobile apps help you reach more customers because smartphone users are increasing day by day, and users prefer mobile application to buy services and products.

Below are 6 best ways to get more media attention for your business in online world:

1. Create outstanding and newsworthy content

The first thing is that the topic you choose to create content should be newsworthy if you want to get the attention of the customers. What is the current trend going in your business sector? What makes people think about your business? What is that all about your business and how that could change your business?

Think yourself all these question, how you can plan and reach the audience. First, start with free media like social media and blogs by creating outstanding content and after you go for paid media. You should impress both customers and journalists.

2. Have a Good Understanding of Media around You

The best place to having an attention for your business is at local channel. Some businesses don’t become famous because they are not well marketed in the local channel. Particular journals engages different audiences in the online world. So, do research and find the best media that well fits to your business in the local area. Before creating posts, read others posts, comment and share because it could help to make your post recognized by others easily when posted. Also tweet regularly so your posts can always get recognized. Don’t forget the local audience, when your business takes a big step. And also mobile app is one of the easiest ways to reach local audience for having easy communication if it is developed with the help of best mobile app development company Delhi and Bangalore, India.

3. Have strategy to create perfect press release

Creating an attractive press release is a fine art in the business, you can do it when you have a standard skill in the content writing. Keep in mind that there are thousands of content written and posted in the media, so you require to capture the attention of customers with standing out content piece.

4. Reach media people through email

Communicate with media through email, which is the best way because voice mail may take time more time and even media people are busy people to attend the call.

5. Be the expert source

Posting content on media creates you strong credentials which will make you recognized in your industry. If your release don’t pick up, then don’t worry because sometimes your effort may not get direct reply, but you can create impression.

6. Don’t give up

It is very difficult job to get media attention because you may get rejected by them many times. When you need to promote, be positive and wait until you reach. The more experience you get, the more you can be successful in your business. It is very crucial in the initial stage of reaching media people.

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6 Fruitful Tips to Create Personal Brand Value

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Today every business or person needs their own brand value. If it is unique and attractive, it can easily make them recognized. Every big brand which was not known before got branded when they started to brand their product or service through different media.

Branding yourself is equally important as branding your business. On the other hand, those who have a long-term goal to become a celebrity should have their own personal branding strategy today. People want to know the story of successful people, like their struggles, failures and ultimate achievement. Personal branding exactly means telling people about your story with relevance to your achievement.
Top Tips for Personal Banding

1. Be visible and Available

As an achiever or aspirant of becoming a successful person, you need to be visible for as much as people in your industry, to do so, you can appear in conferences, which brings not just brand value, but also business opportunity. Make your social media profile rich and make yourself available for public, where they can contact you and get the tips about your business success or about your success roadmap. Make a video about your success or business tips or your highest qualities and even have a live session for your followers, where they can ask questions related to your business or your success factors, which all this together help you create a strong media presence. Today most of the celebrities are developing their own apps with the help of mobile application development companies Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, India to enhance their brand value.

2. Display more your success sutra, not business promotion

Don’t try to market your business through personal profile. Sharing about your business through it is not a good idea. People always looks for your personal specialties like where you went on weekends, what are your hobbies, where you eat, what you prefer to eat, and what is your interest, etc. This will help you be more real to people and make people attracted to you.

3. Practice 2 way Communication

There are so many people making mistakes in this, where they prefer people to recognize them or for personal benefits only, but they fail to be responsive to people’s comments. Practice two way communication, when a person comment on your profile or send any other message, reply to him promptly, which makes him feel good about you. Ultimately this helps you create your personal brand.

4. Keep a detailed list of contacts

When your personal brand is growing, you should have maintained a detailed list of information about people with whom you are connected, where you have connected, and what possible opportunities you can get from them, and how people can get help from you, all this will help people understand people and make them understand you. It ultimately creates a strong relationship between you and people.

5. Develop a trusted source of breaking news and relevant information

When you become trustworthy through trusted breaking news and relevant information, then your personal brand will get stronger. Try to be available where media and journalists require expert’s advice or tips. Share news and information on social media and among your contacts that you feel useful. This also helps you and make people check your business.

6. Give them back

If you are wealthier enough, help the society, by donating to charity or other non-profit organizations. It makes you feel good and give personal satisfaction. You can also highlight the needs that non-profit organizations need, and you can also encourage others to contribute, which makes people think you as a socially responsible person.

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