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Tips For Mobile App Startups

The ever-evolving mobile apps development trends have encouraged more and more developers to come up with new solutions. And this is great because each and every app contributes, in some or the other way, to making our lives easier. Some of the greatest challenges that the computer OS platforms such as Windows, iOS etc., have been struggling to tackle, have much easily been solved on a much smaller mobile platform.

However, the failure rate of mobile app startups is also quite high and of concern. According to a report, 9 out of 10 startups fail to make an impact and are wasted before they could generating income. And if this makes you paranoid about yours, your response is quite normal. But then to avoid something similar from happening in your case as well, you need to make sure you follow these tips before finally launching your mobile app in the market.

Generate the Need

Would you ever buy a thing that you don’t need? Probably not, unless you are a shopaholic, and neither would people do. While some entrepreurs are fortunate enough to figure out areas where people have already been asking for it, others can’t seem to find a reason why people would need their product. But this is not a dead-end, because sometimes you have to generate the need. You have to check out the features and functions of your app, and figure out a strategy to present how well your app helps or makes existing methods more convenient. There are going to be cases when people won’t even know they have a need, and in such conditions, you have to point out the pain area and show them how your app is capable of curing it.

Test a Lot

It is quite a blunder when you roll out an amazing app with a bug, as it ruins the entire experience. Big companies like Google, Microsoft, make sure their apps are bug-free and highly functional, and even outsource developers and test specialist for the purpose. It was recently in the news that Google is ready to give away a reward of $1000 to anyone who can find bug in their android apps. Similar, many mobile apps development companies have open-source Android apps developers for testing their app. If you can afford a team of test specialists, well and good. But if you can’t, you can go for open-source testing frameworks available, such as Selenium, Robotium, Windmill, Katalan Studio, Watir, and many more to choose from.

Target your Audience

Before creating an app, defining your market is the most important thing you need to do. On the basis of demographics, you can target customers belonging to a specific group or culture. And if you are building an app exclusively for them, you have to consider certain points that they can relate to. If you are building an app with a purpose to cater to an entire region, you will have to take care of how your solution tackles a problem that is affecting the entire region. For example – By creating an app for doorstep potable water delivery in Dubai, you are solving a problem that belongs to that region and not exclusively to a group or a specific type of customers. Other than geographical and demographical targets, you can also target a segment of market that encompasses the user preferences and habits globally. For instance, an app that exclusively streams Jazz music, could be a good way to grab a segment of authentic music lovers. Remember, a great portion of the success of your mobile app startup depends upon the market you target.


While creating a great app that fulfils a need, and targeting the right market is important; intensive as well as extensive marketing that follows should also be well taken care of. There are multiple channels and platforms where you can promote your mobile app, such as blogs, social media, website, and more. And all four platforms shall be taken very seriously if you, as a iPhone application developers, want your mobile app to get noticed. While website marketing campaigns include SEO techniques such as keyword optimization, image optimization, blog integration, and more; social media marketing, which is as significant as website marketing, include timely posts, page activity, and regular updates on relevant information.

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