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Top Apps you need to download for travelling to Dubai

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Dubai has held its crown as the most visited city in the Middle East and recently ranked the sixth most visited city in the world of tourist destinations. Dubai amazed more than 14 million visitors last year with its sparkling skyline, man-made islands, beach resorts, shopping malls, and world famous luxury hotels. To provide you with accurate and instant information of travel and tourism, there is a range of travel apps designed by mobile app development companies that save your time. Here are the top travel apps that you can use to book tickets and hotels, guide ways, plan trips, and do more than a travel agent could for you:


Need a taxi to get around the Dubai city? Careem is the best car booking app for a safe, reliable and reasonable ride in Dubai. It allows you to book your ride within 15 seconds and track it in real-time. Also, you can schedule a ride for later, which is best for getting to the airport on time. There is no need to speak to the call centre or suggest driver about the route. You simply choose car type on the app and they will send you the taxi nearest to you.

Dubai Travel Guide

This app allows you to find all the information about the city, hotels booking, streets, and famous places through maps and in-depth travel content by category. You can also get guidance in walking directions of places you want to go. You can even get offline content for nearby places using device’s GPS.

Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is one of the world’s largest shopping malls, and Dubai mall app will help you to easily navigate its 1,200 stores, 200 cafes and restaurants, and a whole lot of things. You will be guided through the mall using an indoor GPS system particularly for the mall, no matter where you are in the mall.

Dubai Metro

Dubai metro app provides essential information related to Dubai metro system as well as about Dubai. This app works on offline to provide routes, destinations, locations, maps that figure the timings, number of stops and distance between different metro stations, which makes it a perfect companion for newbies and lone travellers.

Dubai Maps and Walks

Dubai Maps and Walks is one of the best apps in Dubai, in case you are new to Dubai and need to take a walk in the city. It provides a self-guided walking tours that will take you to interesting social points, shopping options, and craftsmanship shows. This app provides in-depth information of each location, what places you will need to see, and how much time it will take to see everything.

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UAE’s smartphone penetration gives huge opportunities to local SME’s

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According to Axiom report, application development industry is making ripe ground for UAE’S young, tech-savvy innovators with huge possibilities for growth. And 60% of Middle East’s smartphone app business was caught by the UAE.

In another research conducted by Google in 2016, the UAE ranked number one in global smartphone penetration at 73.8 percent, the same growth in mobile application is continuing in this year also with the enormous uptake of smartphone in the UAE.

The Dubai Smart City activity, launched by Dubai's e-government, intends to change the Emirate into a global smart city in the upcoming years. As of now, everyone in this country depends on smartphone for things like ticket booking, food delivery, tracking location, laundry, and what not! A lot of governments as well as private organizations are searching for various markets to invest. Because of this expansion, Dubai is turning into a hub for tech innovations. Hence, mobile apps have a huge demand in the upcoming years.

“What we are witnessing now is a lifestyle evolution, one in which errands are transforming into services, all with the help of mobile apps,” says Faisal Al Bannai, one of the most prominent businesspersons in UAE.

Particularly, every tech start-up coming up in this region intends to develop a mobile app that can fill the gap that exists in the market. The demand for mobile apps among the tech-savvy ones is huge and that is what’s driving the app development growth at such staggering pace. As relatively few mobile app development companies have still not wandered in Dubai and local regions, you will find a good scope to take over the market.

Numerous UAE-based tech start-ups have just hinted at early achievement, for example, Careem, Fetchr, and ReserveOut. Yet many other innovative UAE-based start-ups apps are influencing a strong presence in the market, from on-demand laundry service provider, washmen, InstaShop, grocery, and various online food delivery platforms, for example, Eat Easily, Talabat, and Food on Click.

The cost of app development is different for each app’s design requirements. However, it is evaluated that the development costs range of complex or recognised brand apps ranges between $50,000 to $150,000, and that small apps can cost between $3,000 to $8,000.

A report from Accenture indicated that tech start-ups and digital entrepreneurs can possibly contribute altogether to the UAE’s economy. Figures from the consultancy show that digital change, or improving the utilization of digital skills and innovations, can include about AED 51.4 billion to the country’s GDP.

However, the hidden purpose behind the success of Dubai’s app industry is verifiably that app developers started focusing on app market and implementing what potential clients need.

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Digital Trends Bounds to take over Dubai in 2018

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Dubai is digitally the fastest developing city in the world and plans to becoming one of the most technologically advanced one in the world to provide world-class services in all sectors. With regards to its rapid growth and aims for the future, a 10-million square feet innovation hub will be made in the coming years, while the government effectively searches for powerful partners to help UAE tackle future challenges.

The UAE has always been at the bleeding edge of embracing new technologies and the UAE government has always been supportive of new innovations. Considering this, software development companies, including mobile apps development companies in Dubai started working on new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and etc. And Dubai has got big plans for 2018. Want a peek at it? Here’s what Dubai is up to in the year 2018.


In light of the Expo 2020, Dubai increased its endeavours to make strides towards environmental friendliness, with government planning to increase its green cover.

Also, the huge increase in population and the simplicity of car ownership has directly affected the number of car accidents. In 2016, pedestrians accounted for 30% of the city’s road deaths. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai aims to increase public transportation trips up to 30% by 2020. Several road construction and extra pedestrian bridges projects are also planned to increase safety and concern.

Also, the city wishes to adopt clean and environment-friendly fuels and use artificial intelligence. Most probably by 2020, Dubai will become a cyclist and pedestrian friendly city.

Advanced Biometrics

Online transactions are more popular and secure than ever before. Digital wallets and mobile payment options rose higher than ever this year.

Transaction Value in the Mobile Payments segment amounts to US$224,426m in 2017. The number of users is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2017-2021) of 40.1 % resulting in the total amount of US$865,535m by 2021.

There is continuous and progressive battle to make the online transactions more secure. One of the key innovations is the improvement of advanced biometrics. Advanced Biometric including all, voice scanners, iris scans, and facial recognition are on the whole outfitting to guarantee a cash-free, secure Dubai.


Earlier this year, the Dubai government had announced its Blockchain city plan and its intention to turn into the first blockchain-powered government in the world by 2020. Dubai has always been a frontrunner when it comes to adopting new technologies and to become the world’s first government to optimize business decisions with the help of Blockchain infrastructure.

The Dubai Blockchain Strategy will help Dubai to save 25.1 million hours of economic productivity, akin to 5.5bn dirhams, or $1.5bn, in savings per year.

Artificial Intelligence

The Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum says AI applications will generate incomes and give new chances to the economy. The UAE looks forward to become a major hub for developing AI techniques and legislation.

After Saudi Arabia, UAE became the first country to pass its citizenship to a robot and took artificial intelligence readiness to another level. The government has also recently appointed a State Minister for Artificial Intelligence.

Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammad said, “We want the UAE to become the world’s most prepared country for artificial intelligence,”
Dubai, for instance, plans to have robotic cops on the streets by 2030. While many specialists, most notably Elon Musk, are concerned about further AI development, the Emirates isn’t so much.

Self-Driving Cars

Recently, the Dubai police force introduced a self-driving car, and by the end of this year, it will start patrolling and scanning the traffic for anomalies. An amazing fact about these cars is that they will also be equipped with drones to follow targets off-road).

Sheikh Mohammed said, “By 2030, 25 percent of all transportation trips in Dubai will be smart and driverless. The strategy is projected to generate economic revenues and savings of up to Dh22 billion a year,”

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How to Make a Successful Chatbot?

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A chatbot is a specialized computer program that uses artificial intelligence to converse with humans. Chatbot allows to increase website traffic and sales. You can also use it in your social media marketing strategy. Considering the demand for chatbots, many app development companies Qatar and Dubai started chatbot development services.

If you have a specific end goal to build an effective chatbot, you have to choose a platform that enables you to make bots that are capable of carrying out basic and complicated tasks alike. By creating a customized chatbot, you can carry out multiple tasks in a matter of minutes.

There are several ways to build a chatbot and you can choose one of them based on your business needs such as why you want it to build and your target customers. Building a chatbot is really a challenge. To build, you should know what features would benefit your business customers.

There are many factors that define successful chatbots. So to build a successful chatbot, you should do the followings:

Choose your bot’s features carefully

First you have to define the list of objectives your chatbot must require to consider. Chatbot conversation can help them in an efficient way.

Give bot personality

Making a personality is the most important part of chatbot creation. Your chatbot is an extension of your company’s brand image and customer services. So you have to give your bot a personality in order to provide the great user experience. The way a bot speaks to your customers is not the only thing you can change. The entire UX and UI of the platform should be consistent with its personality. Building a rich and detailed personality makes your chatbot more reliable and relevant to your users.

Use bot as a customer service tool

Good customer service is important for every organization. Chatbots is used as a customer support center and self-serving tool to resolve customers’ request quickly and consistently.

To use your chatbot as a self-service tool, you should give users the ability to:

• Change their profile data

• View their buy history and order status

• Schedule appointments with human representatives

• Update their billing details

• View plans, products, and services

• Process orders and payments

Make your chatbot proactive

Chatbots are new, many people don’t know how to utilize them. You can’t predict that how users will interact with them and what questions they might ask. That is why it is essential to keep track on your bot’s performance, identify user interaction patterns and optimize your service on the go. Chatbots can automatically react to customer responses and actions.

Today, there is a great demand for chatbots. Some companies are using chatbots as internal communication hub to increase productivity and reduce the operational cost. It’s a great benefit of developing a chatbot.

Planning to develop a Chatbot


If you have an idea for chatbot development, hire FuGenX as a reliable chatbot development company. FuGenX started as a mobile app development company Dubai and is now providing world-class services on chatbot app development as well.

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Opinion: The Future of Artificial Intelligence in the UAE

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Artificial Intelligence is the science of programming machines or computers to get done activities that humans can do or aid humans to do the things better, which can be learning and decision-making.

AI is penetrating every aspect of business, so all sorts of technology services companies, including mobile apps development companies focus on artificial intelligence to leverage trends. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence (AI) turned out to be a controversial technology as well.

However, AI is trending globally. Dubai as a global city is home for innovation and technological advances in fields such as healthcare and education and is formulating the consistent growth of the UAE.

Chris Schroeder, the author of ‘Start-up Rising’ and panel moderator at GITEX Future Stars, answers three quick questions on artificial intelligence in the UAE, tech entrepreneurship and disruption opportunities.

*You are moderating a panel about artificial intelligence at GITEX Future Stars. For what reason you think that Dubai and the UAE can rise as a focus for innovation in AI?

There are 3 things that are in support for Dubai and the UAE as a centre for any innovation in the Middle East and other growing markets. The country keeps changing the rules to make advancement and generate interest in AI, which is easier and more reliable than ever.
With a growing talent network, new legislation, and more venture capital interest, the UAE has all the key ingredients to emerge as a centre for technology start-ups.

Today, Dubai on the Persian Gulf has grown as a hub from which tech start-ups with roots across the Middle East look towards rising markets and create data sets solving unique and large problems.

*What are the difficulties entrepreneurs facing when trying to build an AI start-up in the region?

The power and speed of what is happening in AI in Silicon Valley and China is significant - So, it will be essential to find contrasting and scalable ways to optimize these new technologies.

*Are there any other local industries ready for technology disruption? What are some of those conspicuous start-up opportunities you see?

Each and every industry face challenges with new technology and the new opportunities it creates. In a way, the key is to concentrate on building solutions, solving the challenges.

From a start-up viewpoint, businesses that fill the gap in the society, and get hands dirty in solving complicated challenges emerge. AI has such opportunities for businesses. Dubai has many such startups.
Every new tech graduate now says since I am starting my career, I would like to shore up my maths and statistics skill, expose myself to as much data science as possible and even I would like to know about AI, VR, robotics innovations in health such as genomics, and about blockchain. But I would still study history, push myself to write and think critically.

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You Have to Know About These Best Mobile Banking Apps in Dubai, UAE

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Nowadays we are using mobile phone everywhere in our life. Mobile is not just a device for calling, rather it is gateway to networking and social connections. It has also become your banking friend. Banking sector is one of the most complex fields in terms of doing a business. Banking apps help you get done money transfer, balance inquiries, and other banking activities in a fraction of second. Most of the banks have developed their own banking apps with the help of mobile app development companies to enrich customer experience. According to the app analytics company App Annie, the National Bonds mobile app has jumped 11 places to claim the top spot on the list of free finance apps in the UAE.

Here are the top banking apps in UAE across Android and iOS devices based on App Annie’s current listings.

Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD (National Bank of Dubai) offers convenient, fast and useful mobile banking services. This app allows you to manage all aspects of banking from viewing your account details and check transactions and managing your credit card and payments to transferring cash locally or internationally. There is a latest version of the app that helps to convert transactions to EMIs. You can also deposit your Emirates NBD cheque directly through the mobile by taking a photo of the cheque. This app has more than 100000 installs with 4.5 ratings.

ADIB Mobile Banking

ADIB (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank) Mobile Banking gives you immediate and secure account access from your mobile device. The ADIB apps is a simple, safer and smarter way to manage your money. This allows you to manage finances like paying bills, fund transferring, sending money and tracking spending and you can also view deposit and covered card transactions.

ADCB Mobile Banking

ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) app lets you pay utility bills including du and Fewa. The app helps to manage your money from anywhere, anytime. With the app, you can check your account and card balances, transfer money anywhere across the globe, pay your bills, and do a lot more effortlessly. You can also locate ADCB ATMs or branches with the location-based search feature. The latest update in the app provides online chat service to connect with customer support agents.

NBAD Mobile Banking

NBAD (National Bank of Abu Dhabi’s) mobile banking app allows you to access your accounts quickly, safely and conveniently. You can find the nearest branch or ATM, get in touch with NBAD, check process transactions, make transfers and payments, pay your utility and credit card bills, and order a new cheque book. The latest update allows you to create new beneficiaries as well.

DIB Mobile

DIB (Dubai Islamic Bank’s) app comes with 60+ services to deliver a new kind of banking experience. The services list includes bill payments, fund transfers, currency conversions, and account details and cash withdrawals from ATMs. The app offers a portfolio view of all your accounts, deposits, financing and other details.

RAK Bank Mobile Banking

RAKBANK (Ras AI-Khaimah) Digital Banking App is offered for both individuals and business banking users. The app offers a fresh and intuitive user experience with many new features added, which makes it one of the best apps in the UAE. Using this app, you can manage accounts and cards, transfer money within the UAE or internationally, and even open a new account in the app.

If you are a bank customer in UAE, then you must try downloading the banking app to make your life easier.

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Apps that every business man in Dubai must have

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In the fast-moving business world of Dubai, it might be difficult to keep up yourself. Some common problems that every business person in Dubai face is staying at late night at the office, attending a more number of events, and facing traffic on roads. This is where some apps can come to their help.

Dubai now has apps for everything to make life easier, from paying bills to finding an address. And even to keep all your important records at one place, thanks to the mobile app development companies who are developing business user focused apps. Here I am listing out some apps that help business users be productive, active and healthy.

Dubai Calendar - for the best business event information

Dubai calendar app is a user friendly guide to the city. Whether you’re looking for a business event, a great place to eat, or a fun activity to try, you can use this app. This app has all the information you need about, such as offers on events, contact details, and tickets details.

Waze - for when you are on your way to meeting

Waze is a free social navigation and traffic app that connects you to other drivers using real-time road reports to save your time and fuel. This app allows users to avoid traffic and accidents, while helping you get the best routes to your destination. By adding contacts to your Waze network, you can share routes and locations with your friends.

Fetchr- to courier any documents

Fetchr is revolutionizing the world of shipment and delivery in the Middle East with cutting-edge technologies. Use your GPS to tell where you are and where you want your package to go. It will pick up any packages in less than 45 minutes and deliver it anywhere immediately whether it is food, documents, gifts, or keys. It’s the fastest courier service available in the city!

RoundMenu - to book dinner with an important client

RoundMenu app allows you to search for a dining choice from one of the best restaurants in Dubai. With this app, you can easily find the best taste of cuisine whether you’re looking for fancy Lebanese food, Thai food, pizza, fast food, seafood or vegetarian food. You can book your table without having to make a call.

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The Best Travel Apps in India

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You are in the 21st century where the world has begun to emerge at a quicker pace and you manage it through your fingertips.Travel applications will provide most accurate information of travel and tourism and that saves your time. Not just travelling,travel planning is also a lot easier than before with the app. Here’re the best travel apps that you can use to discover interesting things, guide your ways, plan trips, networking with solo travellers, book trains, flights and hotels, etc.
WeTravelSolo is India’s first Solo Travellers community, launched to provide a never before solo travelling experience with likeminded travellers. The app offers options like “take a trip”, “find your soulmate” and “unique trip ideas”.It is ideal for travel lovers who feel we held back because of lack of ideal partner for a trip. Solo travellers can find and meet likeminded travellers by using WeTraveSolo during their trips across the world.
Triposohelps you find things to do across 50,000 destinations and 3 million points of interest. The app provides travel information even offline and it offers recommendations based on weather, time, and more. It covers categories such as food, nightlife, sights, attractions, hotels, transport and more.It is the best alternative for heavy guide books for travellers across India.
Oyo Rooms
Oyo is not exactly a travel app, but a helpful app for travellers who go for last minute hotel deals and travel deals.Oyo is an Indian hotel brand that owns and operates as well as aggregates standardised hotel rooms. It currently manages around 25000 hotels in more than 250 Indian cities.All rooms have air conditioning, TV, clean linen, complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi and hygienic washrooms, complete with a complimentary toiletries kit. This app was probably developed by the best mobile app development company in India.
IRCTC Connect
Train travel network in India is the largest in the world and a train journey in the country is actually an integral part of a real travel experience.The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has a fantastic app that allows you to book tickets easily, check schedules, PNR status and it makes train travel a lot easier in India.
Trip Planner
Trip Planner helps you find the most popular places and also lesser known tourist places across India. By using this app you will get information about Indian cities and you can also find out the best hotels and restaurants near that you want to visit. Trip Planner integrates GO station, stop, route and schedule information to make the trip planning quick and easy.
AudioCompassis to help you avoid expensive tour guides as well as the expensive audio guides that you can rent at any locations across India. The best advantage of this travel app is that it functions offline as well. Once you have the app, you can use it to create virtual travel memories. The app has been developed in collaboration with the Archaeological Survey of India.
Make My Trip
Make My Trip is a leading player in online flight bookings in India. It offers great offers, some of the lowest airfares, as well as, exclusive hotel deals. Flights and hotels booking through this app is a delightful, user friendly experience.In few easy steps, you can complete your booking.
Tripigator is a Travel App by the Ministry of Tourism. It guides tourists to make their ways across India. The app also has integrated maps and geo-location based discovery of details which is can improves your in-destination experience. Through this app, you can discover destinations on your interests, region, and season etc. You can also find hotels, restaurants, ATMs and hospital near you.
RailYatri has been adding several features to simplify train travel across India since the first version of the app. Seat Availability Forecast feature suggests the best train to take depending on the time and day of travel. It has more features like Live Train Status, PNR status, platform locator, arrival and train departure details etc. It also provides information like availability of cab service from a particular railway station.

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