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How UAE Banking Industry is doing it differently with Digital?

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Customers are progressively open to banking innovations driven by technology, private players are making significant ventures and government regulations are leading the charge. This is foremost to more financial incorporation everybody accesses propelled managing banking services and an extensive variety of financial offerings. In the Middle East region, most of banking customers consider smartphone as the most preferred mode for digital banking. Banks in the UAE are reacting to consumer preference by increasing their investment in digital innovation, concentrating particularly on enhancing their mobile banking security and user experience.

The following are some of the trends that could become major game changers in 2018. These trends are certain to play a key role in this transition.

Open Banking:

Open banking is a connected ecosystem of financial services, wherein third party developers use open APIs to build applications or services for financial institutions that allow banks to rapidly and securely enhance their digital offerings. With more APIs disclose by banks, the way toward completing payments and other banking transactions would be significantly quickened as well as simplified. The UAE Banks Federation has been driving activities in building an open banking platform that will interface the member banks with governmental department and ecosystems, for example, the Emirates Identity Authority.

Advanced Mobile Banking

A few banks are currently providing a downloadable customer solution that mobile subscribers can use to get to bank services. For customer convenience, most of the banks have developed their own banking app with the help of mobile apps development companies Dubaito offer a reliable channel and enable customers to execute transactions like funds transfer, bill payments, track latest transactions, receiving notifications from bank, etc. Saudi Arabia and the UAE leads the way with a mobile banking adoption rate of 60 per cent and 52 per cent, respectively.

Banks ensure that their applications for mobile banking meets consistent ease of use and security tests to pick up an aggressive edge over others. Personalization, Biometric checks, exhaustive functionalities are some of the mobile banking trends that are being taken after.


Blockchain is a distributed database, wherein a list of records continuously widens up, in the form of blocks and is secured via cryptography. It has the capacity to record anything of value and ensure an unrivalled degree of transaction security.

A few major players have just started trail projects to measure the attainability of adopting blockchain into their ecosystems. It is Dubai who is driving the blockchain charge. The emirate has sketched out its intend to become a first blockchain-powered government in the world by 2020 as part of a move to make government services more effective and empower a huge number of business openings in the private sector.

Cryptocurrency Wallet:

Cryptocurrency wallet is a safe digital wallet with different blockchain to enable users to monitor their digital currency balance, send, receive, and conduct other operations. Cryptocurrencies will soon be a part of the international trading system. Considering this, the UAE set to get its own mobile wallet soon with the take-off of the Emirates Digital Wallet, the pace and degree of digitisation in the country is ready to quicken further.

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How Challenges faced by Mobile App Developers at present?

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Any industry in its expansion phase goes through the biggest challenges in its life cycle, and mobile app development is not an exception. Although it feels like it’s been a lifetime since mobile apps have been around, the reality is we have been using smartphone mobile apps since just 2008. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say if the industry is still fairly new. Hence, some of the challenges faced by mobile apps development companies are also of the highest degree. In fact, the increasing mass reach of mobile apps is revealing more and more issues that developers need to fix in order to keep the sector alive. In order to tackle the issues involved in the mobile application development space, it is important for one to understand these problems first, which are:


Taking note of the high demand and the potential it contains, most of the coders and programmers have migrated from their respective field to the app development space, which is now bursting at the seams. Android and iOS as well have launched dedicated development stacks to make it easier for anyone who wants to learn and start coding. Android Studio by Google and iOS SDK by Apple are some of the tools that help developers eliminate the basic hurdles in development. With more than a million apps on Play Store, Google’s application distribution system receives more than 1200 apps every day from top Android app development company India. These figures are even more worrying in case of App Store, which receives more than 5000 apps every day.

Shifting Loyalty

Loyalty is one of the biggest factors that matter in the app development space, especially from a business point of view. Getting customers to migrate from their favourite app to a new app is very difficult, even if the app you offer is new and better than what they are already using. Although there are a few techniques like supporting blogs, guest posts, press coverage, social media etc., involved in promoting an app, the costs involved in promotion are quite high and the process is quite time taking. Apart from that, for an android app developer hailing from programming background, these time-taking and effortful practices are just not their cup of tea. So in such cases, hiring a digital marketer becomes important, which may not be very affordable for some programmers.

Performance and Battery

Android and iOS platforms have been consistent at breaking the UX/UI barriers to provide users with the best possible experience. However, for the developer, this means learning new techniques to optimize apps according to the new platforms. Time is quite a constraint in this case because building an app that optimized with the new platform right after its launch is pretty much difficult. But then the real problem arises when developers have to optimize the performance and battery aspects of the app. An app that lacks on either of these factors is bound to go down in no time. But then with limited sources and development kits, it needs much more than a kit to optimize an app according to the platform. Consequently, a chunk of time has to be invested on testing the app, during which competition leapfrogs way ahead.


Another most important factor in android and iPhone apps development is security. In the past few years, security on mobile platforms have increased considerably. Technologies such as end-to-end encryption, fingerprint sensors, Face ID and much more. However, some or the other glitch always appears to negate the success developers thought they achieved. For example – during the launch of iPhone X, Craig Federighi attempted to unlock the phone with Face ID which failed twice. Apple tried to cover this up by responding that it wasn’t a technical glitch, rather a result of repetitive, unintended unlock attempts by the support crew. But then, Face ID fell flat when a Chinese woman claimed that her iPhone X allows her colleague as well to unlock her phone using Face ID. Many other incidents in case of Android as well have happened where trusted voice is not seen as a very trusted way of keeping your phone secure.

It is understandable that the problems in app development space will keep on increasing as the field is yet not saturated, rather is at the brink of evolving into smarter ways of executing tasks, gathering information and doing much more with the help of disruptive technologies like AI, IoT, Machine Learning etc. In order to tackles the challenges mentioned above, the app development must be provided with consistent support.

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What are the top trends that will raise IoT impact in 2018?

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The Internet of Things (IoT) wasted no time spreading across the world and connecting a huge number of individuals. We have seen relatively every major industry put lots of resources into IoT, and foremost industries are rapidly moving to implement IoT solutions that drive the primary concern. Despite the huge gains in connectivity, the truth is, 2018 will be more of a steady growth period for the IoT. Using IoT, successful organizations will create a self-learning environment.

The IoT will grow to achieve a stunning 75 billion devices by 2025.

These five innovations will be the top IoT trends in 2018, and could be an essence of the world yet to come.

IoT future shaped by wearables

Whilst 1 of every 3 smartphone users trusts they will wear at least 5 wearables beyond 2020. So high demand towards wearable devices such as smart watch, health &fitness band and etc. In this manner, a setback in wearable’s adoption may delay the overall adoption of the IoT among consumers.

Roll out voice-based services to consumers

Google Assistant, Google virtual assistant that lives on devices like its smart speakers and gaining enormous fame. An ever increasing number of devices will open marketer’s eyes to better approaches for interacting with customers. Industries like financial and some other businesses that request authentication for much else besides a simple task will slack. The complexity, broadness and quality of voice-based services will grow in 2018 with accessible services.

Security: Blockchain

Security is still the weak connection of the internet of things, so security remains a prime challenge for IoT. Blockchain will play a vital role by improving security for financial transactions in 2018. Watson IoT Blockchain enables devices to participate in Blockchain transactions as a trusted party. IoT and Blockchain empower more transactions overall because it expels the centre man from the process.

Big Data, Machine learning and AI

The amount of processed data will grow, due to more smart devices and we will use IoT much more than we do now. So, we should work with Big Data a great deal and thus we will consider assets that would empower us to process and analyse it accurately. Here, Machine Learning is the most demonstrated AI innovation that can process data based on predictive thinking, without the need of manual programming and activating real time tasks in the IoT channel.

Connected devices will double

In 2018, IoT will be considerably more interconnected devices, it is like a digital nervous system with interfacing devices together and exchanging data. It is not only laptops and mobile phones also there will be more smart devices that we use daily, like smart doors, smart jar, smart locks, smart fork and more. The number of connected devices grew exponentially from 4.9 million in 2015 to 6.1 billion in 2016. It is expected to 46 billion by 2021.

When comes to the utilization of IoT in the business sector, the possibilities are endless. It is never simple to precisely predict the future, and the genuine abilities of the IoT may not yet be realized. IoT world-changing effect on global trade and way of life, however, it is difficult to envision the IoT doing anything but growing to new and more prominent heights in 2018.

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Top Apps you need to download for travelling to Dubai

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Dubai has held its crown as the most visited city in the Middle East and recently ranked the sixth most visited city in the world of tourist destinations. Dubai amazed more than 14 million visitors last year with its sparkling skyline, man-made islands, beach resorts, shopping malls, and world famous luxury hotels. To provide you with accurate and instant information of travel and tourism, there is a range of travel apps designed by mobile app development companies that save your time. Here are the top travel apps that you can use to book tickets and hotels, guide ways, plan trips, and do more than a travel agent could for you:


Need a taxi to get around the Dubai city? Careem is the best car booking app for a safe, reliable and reasonable ride in Dubai. It allows you to book your ride within 15 seconds and track it in real-time. Also, you can schedule a ride for later, which is best for getting to the airport on time. There is no need to speak to the call centre or suggest driver about the route. You simply choose car type on the app and they will send you the taxi nearest to you.

Dubai Travel Guide

This app allows you to find all the information about the city, hotels booking, streets, and famous places through maps and in-depth travel content by category. You can also get guidance in walking directions of places you want to go. You can even get offline content for nearby places using device’s GPS.

Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is one of the world’s largest shopping malls, and Dubai mall app will help you to easily navigate its 1,200 stores, 200 cafes and restaurants, and a whole lot of things. You will be guided through the mall using an indoor GPS system particularly for the mall, no matter where you are in the mall.

Dubai Metro

Dubai metro app provides essential information related to Dubai metro system as well as about Dubai. This app works on offline to provide routes, destinations, locations, maps that figure the timings, number of stops and distance between different metro stations, which makes it a perfect companion for newbies and lone travellers.

Dubai Maps and Walks

Dubai Maps and Walks is one of the best apps in Dubai, in case you are new to Dubai and need to take a walk in the city. It provides a self-guided walking tours that will take you to interesting social points, shopping options, and craftsmanship shows. This app provides in-depth information of each location, what places you will need to see, and how much time it will take to see everything.

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UAE’s smartphone penetration gives huge opportunities to local SME’s

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According to Axiom report, application development industry is making ripe ground for UAE’S young, tech-savvy innovators with huge possibilities for growth. And 60% of Middle East’s smartphone app business was caught by the UAE.

In another research conducted by Google in 2016, the UAE ranked number one in global smartphone penetration at 73.8 percent, the same growth in mobile application is continuing in this year also with the enormous uptake of smartphone in the UAE.

The Dubai Smart City activity, launched by Dubai's e-government, intends to change the Emirate into a global smart city in the upcoming years. As of now, everyone in this country depends on smartphone for things like ticket booking, food delivery, tracking location, laundry, and what not! A lot of governments as well as private organizations are searching for various markets to invest. Because of this expansion, Dubai is turning into a hub for tech innovations. Hence, mobile apps have a huge demand in the upcoming years.

“What we are witnessing now is a lifestyle evolution, one in which errands are transforming into services, all with the help of mobile apps,” says Faisal Al Bannai, one of the most prominent businesspersons in UAE.

Particularly, every tech start-up coming up in this region intends to develop a mobile app that can fill the gap that exists in the market. The demand for mobile apps among the tech-savvy ones is huge and that is what’s driving the app development growth at such staggering pace. As relatively few mobile app development companies have still not wandered in Dubai and local regions, you will find a good scope to take over the market.

Numerous UAE-based tech start-ups have just hinted at early achievement, for example, Careem, Fetchr, and ReserveOut. Yet many other innovative UAE-based start-ups apps are influencing a strong presence in the market, from on-demand laundry service provider, washmen, InstaShop, grocery, and various online food delivery platforms, for example, Eat Easily, Talabat, and Food on Click.

The cost of app development is different for each app’s design requirements. However, it is evaluated that the development costs range of complex or recognised brand apps ranges between $50,000 to $150,000, and that small apps can cost between $3,000 to $8,000.

A report from Accenture indicated that tech start-ups and digital entrepreneurs can possibly contribute altogether to the UAE’s economy. Figures from the consultancy show that digital change, or improving the utilization of digital skills and innovations, can include about AED 51.4 billion to the country’s GDP.

However, the hidden purpose behind the success of Dubai’s app industry is verifiably that app developers started focusing on app market and implementing what potential clients need.

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Tips for Mobile App Startups

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The ever-evolving mobile apps development trends have encouraged more and more developers to come up with new solutions. And this is great because each and every app contributes, in some or the other way, to making our lives easier. Some of the greatest challenges that the computer OS platforms such as Windows, iOS etc., have been struggling to tackle, have much easily been solved on a much smaller mobile platform.

However, the failure rate of mobile app startups is also quite high and of concern. According to a report, 9 out of 10 startups fail to make an impact and are wasted before they could generating income. And if this makes you paranoid about yours, your response is quite normal. But then to avoid something similar from happening in your case as well, you need to make sure you follow these tips before finally launching your mobile app in the market.

Generate the Need

Would you ever buy a thing that you don’t need? Probably not, unless you are a shopaholic, and neither would people do. While some entrepreurs are fortunate enough to figure out areas where people have already been asking for it, others can’t seem to find a reason why people would need their product. But this is not a dead-end, because sometimes you have to generate the need. You have to check out the features and functions of your app, and figure out a strategy to present how well your app helps or makes existing methods more convenient. There are going to be cases when people won’t even know they have a need, and in such conditions, you have to point out the pain area and show them how your app is capable of curing it.

Test a Lot

It is quite a blunder when you roll out an amazing app with a bug, as it ruins the entire experience. Big companies like Google, Microsoft, make sure their apps are bug-free and highly functional, and even outsource developers and test specialist for the purpose. It was recently in the news that Google is ready to give away a reward of $1000 to anyone who can find bug in their android apps. Similar, many mobile apps development companies have open-source Android apps developers for testing their app. If you can afford a team of test specialists, well and good. But if you can’t, you can go for open-source testing frameworks available, such as Selenium, Robotium, Windmill, Katalan Studio, Watir, and many more to choose from.

Target your Audience

Before creating an app, defining your market is the most important thing you need to do. On the basis of demographics, you can target customers belonging to a specific group or culture. And if you are building an app exclusively for them, you have to consider certain points that they can relate to. If you are building an app with a purpose to cater to an entire region, you will have to take care of how your solution tackles a problem that is affecting the entire region. For example – By creating an app for doorstep potable water delivery in Dubai, you are solving a problem that belongs to that region and not exclusively to a group or a specific type of customers. Other than geographical and demographical targets, you can also target a segment of market that encompasses the user preferences and habits globally. For instance, an app that exclusively streams Jazz music, could be a good way to grab a segment of authentic music lovers. Remember, a great portion of the success of your mobile app startup depends upon the market you target.


While creating a great app that fulfils a need, and targeting the right market is important; intensive as well as extensive marketing that follows should also be well taken care of. There are multiple channels and platforms where you can promote your mobile app, such as blogs, social media, website, and more. And all four platforms shall be taken very seriously if you, as a a href="" title="iPhone apps development india">iPhone application developers, want your mobile app to get noticed. While website marketing campaigns include SEO techniques such as keyword optimization, image optimization, blog integration, and more; social media marketing, which is as significant as website marketing, include timely posts, page activity, and regular updates on relevant information.

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Digital Trends Bounds to take over Dubai in 2018

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Dubai is digitally the fastest developing city in the world and plans to becoming one of the most technologically advanced one in the world to provide world-class services in all sectors. With regards to its rapid growth and aims for the future, a 10-million square feet innovation hub will be made in the coming years, while the government effectively searches for powerful partners to help UAE tackle future challenges.

The UAE has always been at the bleeding edge of embracing new technologies and the UAE government has always been supportive of new innovations. Considering this, software development companies, including mobile apps development companies in Dubai started working on new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and etc. And Dubai has got big plans for 2018. Want a peek at it? Here’s what Dubai is up to in the year 2018.


In light of the Expo 2020, Dubai increased its endeavours to make strides towards environmental friendliness, with government planning to increase its green cover.

Also, the huge increase in population and the simplicity of car ownership has directly affected the number of car accidents. In 2016, pedestrians accounted for 30% of the city’s road deaths. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai aims to increase public transportation trips up to 30% by 2020. Several road construction and extra pedestrian bridges projects are also planned to increase safety and concern.

Also, the city wishes to adopt clean and environment-friendly fuels and use artificial intelligence. Most probably by 2020, Dubai will become a cyclist and pedestrian friendly city.

Advanced Biometrics

Online transactions are more popular and secure than ever before. Digital wallets and mobile payment options rose higher than ever this year.

Transaction Value in the Mobile Payments segment amounts to US$224,426m in 2017. The number of users is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2017-2021) of 40.1 % resulting in the total amount of US$865,535m by 2021.

There is continuous and progressive battle to make the online transactions more secure. One of the key innovations is the improvement of advanced biometrics. Advanced Biometric including all, voice scanners, iris scans, and facial recognition are on the whole outfitting to guarantee a cash-free, secure Dubai.


Earlier this year, the Dubai government had announced its Blockchain city plan and its intention to turn into the first blockchain-powered government in the world by 2020. Dubai has always been a frontrunner when it comes to adopting new technologies and to become the world’s first government to optimize business decisions with the help of Blockchain infrastructure.

The Dubai Blockchain Strategy will help Dubai to save 25.1 million hours of economic productivity, akin to 5.5bn dirhams, or $1.5bn, in savings per year.

Artificial Intelligence

The Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum says AI applications will generate incomes and give new chances to the economy. The UAE looks forward to become a major hub for developing AI techniques and legislation.

After Saudi Arabia, UAE became the first country to pass its citizenship to a robot and took artificial intelligence readiness to another level. The government has also recently appointed a State Minister for Artificial Intelligence.

Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammad said, “We want the UAE to become the world’s most prepared country for artificial intelligence,”
Dubai, for instance, plans to have robotic cops on the streets by 2030. While many specialists, most notably Elon Musk, are concerned about further AI development, the Emirates isn’t so much.

Self-Driving Cars

Recently, the Dubai police force introduced a self-driving car, and by the end of this year, it will start patrolling and scanning the traffic for anomalies. An amazing fact about these cars is that they will also be equipped with drones to follow targets off-road).

Sheikh Mohammed said, “By 2030, 25 percent of all transportation trips in Dubai will be smart and driverless. The strategy is projected to generate economic revenues and savings of up to Dh22 billion a year,”

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How to Make a Successful Chatbot?

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A chatbot is a specialized computer program that uses artificial intelligence to converse with humans. Chatbot allows to increase website traffic and sales. You can also use it in your social media marketing strategy. Considering the demand for chatbots, many app development companies Qatar and Dubai started chatbot development services.

If you have a specific end goal to build an effective chatbot, you have to choose a platform that enables you to make bots that are capable of carrying out basic and complicated tasks alike. By creating a customized chatbot, you can carry out multiple tasks in a matter of minutes.

There are several ways to build a chatbot and you can choose one of them based on your business needs such as why you want it to build and your target customers. Building a chatbot is really a challenge. To build, you should know what features would benefit your business customers.

There are many factors that define successful chatbots. So to build a successful chatbot, you should do the followings:

Choose your bot’s features carefully

First you have to define the list of objectives your chatbot must require to consider. Chatbot conversation can help them in an efficient way.

Give bot personality

Making a personality is the most important part of chatbot creation. Your chatbot is an extension of your company’s brand image and customer services. So you have to give your bot a personality in order to provide the great user experience. The way a bot speaks to your customers is not the only thing you can change. The entire UX and UI of the platform should be consistent with its personality. Building a rich and detailed personality makes your chatbot more reliable and relevant to your users.

Use bot as a customer service tool

Good customer service is important for every organization. Chatbots is used as a customer support center and self-serving tool to resolve customers’ request quickly and consistently.

To use your chatbot as a self-service tool, you should give users the ability to:

• Change their profile data

• View their buy history and order status

• Schedule appointments with human representatives

• Update their billing details

• View plans, products, and services

• Process orders and payments

Make your chatbot proactive

Chatbots are new, many people don’t know how to utilize them. You can’t predict that how users will interact with them and what questions they might ask. That is why it is essential to keep track on your bot’s performance, identify user interaction patterns and optimize your service on the go. Chatbots can automatically react to customer responses and actions.

Today, there is a great demand for chatbots. Some companies are using chatbots as internal communication hub to increase productivity and reduce the operational cost. It’s a great benefit of developing a chatbot.

Planning to develop a Chatbot


If you have an idea for chatbot development, hire FuGenX as a reliable chatbot development company. FuGenX started as a mobile app development company Dubai and is now providing world-class services on chatbot app development as well.

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