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Tips for Safe and Secure Mobile Banking

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“Beware of little expenses- a small leak will sink a great ship - Benjamin Franklin.”

The hardest thing is saving money by minimizing the expenses, and it is obviously difficult to find out simple ways to save money. How to use your savings to achieve your financial goals? The best way is consistently saving in a bank availing the small amount of interest to reach your financial goals. So people prefer saving money in the bank because of security. On the other hand, banks try to provide best services to achieve customer satisfaction.

ATM, internet banking, and mobile banking are other key digital services of bank. Today users need to think twice before using mobile banking for safe and secure online transactions. Mobile app is easy and convenient for users because it is user friendly. Mobile apps which are developed by the best mobile apps development companies in India (Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi ncr, Noida, Bangalore etc.) are globally recognized.

According to Reserve Bank of India in 2015, more than 50% of smartphone users get done their online transactions through apps. In online banking, particularly through mobile browser, there are possible risks, where anyone can track or hack your bank account details easily. So banks should have to pay a special attention for online banking security. Banks must develop highly secured mobile apps for customers with the help of well experienced mobile apps development companies in Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi ncr, Bangalore, India or in their preferred region.

Tips for safe and secure mobile banking

First mobile app users should make sure their mobile devices are safe and secure. Especially, In India we can see more than 60 to 70 percentage people are using Android phones which is comparatively lesser secured than iOS. However, people who use mobile for online banking can use below tips to ensure safe and secure banking transaction.

Use only official mobile apps and websites: If you want to do your banking transaction on your mobile, then download official banking app for safe and secure transaction, and also using your mobile browser to access your account is right way. Some users add their account detail in some mobile apps which help them calculate expanses and budget plan, so try to avoid such mobile apps.

Check third party apps twice on all the devices: It is very easy for cybercriminals to access your device from a third party app to take your personal details. Some third party apps include malware that can scan your account detail as well as your transaction in the browser.

Avoid bank related links: Some fake links may come through message or by email to validate bank accounts. Because hackers may use this kind of tricks to hack your bank details easily. If you get any kind of message or emails like this, just avoid it

Don’t use public network: Never use public network like at browsing center, public Wi-Fi, because there is a high chance of being hacked as some hacking software used by hackers, so it’s better to avoid such network for banking transactions.

Keep your mobile device always on smart lock and mobile track: Sometime you may forget your device in a public place like hotel or park, when your device is not locked, then someone may get your banking details, and also if your device is not enabled with tracking facility, that may cost you lose your device completely, so it is better to use smart lock and device track. There are many device tracking mobile apps available that are developed by the best mobile apps development company in noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi ncr and Bangalore, India.

So keep your banking transactions safe with the above tips.

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Key Barriers in Android App Development

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As we all know, there is a huge demand for mobile app development in the mobile universe, especially for the Android platform. So as a result, day by day mobile app development companies are receiving an increased demand for Android app development, so to hold their trust, android app developers should work on it and they should make sure that they are delivering a killer app for their customers. It helps the company reputation and standard.

Achieving a big success in the competitive app market is a tough task, so all the android app developers should focus on improving their app development skills. So let us explain you that what are the key challenges being faced by an Android application development companies while delivering an innovative app.

Software Fragmentation

It is a common challenge faced by all app developers on all the platforms, but we can say that in Android, the impact of the challenge is higher compared to other platforms. Because in Android a lot of devices are needed to be considered while developing the app. And the devices are running on different OS versions, so developing an app which works on all the versions is hard for the developers. So almost all the app developers are trying to focus on the latest versions only, due to these clients are losing their prospective customers who are using the older versions.

Mobile Device Resolution

One more challenge, especially faced by Android developers is developing an app which works perfectly on different Android devices. Each Android device has its own features in terms of display size and screen resolutions. So, according to their resolution, developing an app is hard for the developers. Developing an app which works fine on all the available android devices makes it financially heavier and painful in terms of cost.

Security Issues

In Android, security is a major issue. Making an Android app extremely secure is not an easy task. There are plenty of Android devices in the market running on different OS versions, so dealing with all these devices is pretty hard for the developers. As a result, many of the Android apps face security issues.

Patent Issues

Recently Android software developers and hardware manufacturers have faced the violation of patent issues. The reason that made it offensive is while developing they implement some innovative features which is already utilized in some other apps, without knowing that they implement that in their app.


Well discussing with the client is the best way that all the Android app developers can use to avoid all the above challenges. Discuss with your clients, in that discussion try to clarify all your doubts.

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Plan to develop an Android app, but to execute it successfully, you have to hire an expert Android app development company.

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Will Google Introduce Separate Search Results for Mobile?

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Have you noticed that from last few months Google is giving special preference for mobile based search. Do you know why? Because Google has started to index the mobile websites separately, according to Search Engine Land. It was planned for one year back by Google – With the tremendous growth of the mobile phone users, Google decided to give separate search results according to the search query. Today, the number of smartphone users has increased tremendously because of the technological innovation. People prefer mobile search more than the desktop because of the ease of carrying the smartphone to anywhere anytime compared to desktops.

Google has launched many new features in last few months to encourage the website owners to twist their domain for phone users. Also, in the last year Google showed a special preference for websites that were optimized for mobile users, and recently, Google started highlighting Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on the search page, so users can choose the page which loads quickly. So a large number of website and mobile app development companies in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi ncr and Bangalore started developing mobile friendly websites to enhance customer experience.

But it’s not clear how the mobile website indexing will work. Will the mobile index not be used for any desktop search? Will the search contain only mobile-friendly content? Though the desktop is less used for Google search, still it is forming a considerable part. With mobile index, Google may run its algorithm in different way like rendering a pure mobile content rather than the current system which uses desktop algorithm to decide mobile rankings.

If you are searching for the mobile friendly website and mobile apps developers, FuGenX can help you.

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Top Quality Analysis Tips for Mobile App Development

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Quality analysis is a key requirement in any product life cycle. If you don’t properly analyze the quality of the mobile app, your mobile app lose its prominence in the market. Today there is a large number of mobile app development companies in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi ncr and Bangalore, India, but we can’t tell everybody is expert in quality analysis.

We at FuGenX give best quality mobile apps development service for customers that helps them get error-free applications.

Here are the top quality analysis tips for mobile application development:

1. Expert team to test apps

Testing skill and experience in it help testers test apps successfully. The team should be capable to identify requirements, process plan and fix the bugs.

2. Conduct multiple tests before launch

The developers have to make sure all the testing aspects before launching the app Accessibility Testing, Agile Testing, Automated testing, Integration Testing, Localization Testing, retesting and regression testing and user acceptance testing.

3. Quality analysis on product launch

Developers are responsible for developing the app, test plan, and launch. The team has to be answerable for any bugs, so developers have to make sure the app is error-free.

4. Quality analysis has great benefits for mobile app development

The quality performance by mobile app development company makes app owners provide better app for customers. The effective quality assurance makes app owners feel confident on your capability to launch error-free mobile application. Quality analysis will help to reduce the development cost and maintenance cost. There are many mobile apps development companies Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi ncr and Bangalore, India who help to make mobile apps error-free.

5. Different QA approach in startups and enterprises

The early stage startups struggle to build a quality app with rigorous quality analysis, as they lack fund, whereas enterprises have a completely different approach, because of the lengthy process, their product needs a much time to become a stable product. QA needs to streamline their processes to keep them relevant, and nimble.

6. Schedule or budgetary limits become hurdles for proper testing

The quality of mobile app can be different when it comes to tight schedule or budgetary constraint, because it is difficult for developers make the app undergo all-inclusive testing. The failed effort may leave a bad reputation on them. If the clients don’t provide sufficient budget for the development, the quality mobile app they can’t expect.

7. Quality analysis requires a proper resource allocation

For every 4 developers, there is a need of 1 expert QA professional, and it also depends on the number of features and requirement. Sometime the project may require automated regression testing, which may need additional resources. During the development cycle, the testing should be done at the end of each sprint. The app launch strategy should be stable on your approach because sometime you may need to launch the app well before the scheduled time. So allocate a resource who can get done their part.

8. Quality analysis can lower overall mobile application development cost

When you have not done proper quality analysis, the project cost may go high than what you thought before. The controlled project life cycle can help you reduce the cost. There are many ways to keep your mobile app development cost under control.

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To built futurr of india

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